ASLI EC-A Climate Resistant Test Chamber (800×1000×800mm)

  • Manufacturer: ASLI
    Model: EC-A
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Light device: UV carbon arc light
Internal Dimension W×H×D (mm): 800×1000×800
External Dimension W×H×D (mm): 1300× 2000×1300
Testing Time (hr): 20
Testing Voltage: 120V-145V (135V)
Testing Current: 15A-17A(16A)
Black Ball Thermometer: 63±3℃~83±3℃
Dia. Of Test Shelf Φ , (mm): 800
Revolution Speed of Testing Shelf (rpm): 1 ~5
Sample Shelf: 390×70mm 30 pcs
Temperature Range: RT +15℃~85℃
Humidity Range: 40%R.H.-85%R.H.(when temperature is RT+15℃)
Carbon rod
Upper: Φ13×305mm(2 pcs)
Lower: Φ13×100mm(4pcs)
Power: AC220V , 1∮ 3 lines, 50/60HZ ; AC380V ,3∮ 5 lines , 50/60HZ



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