ASLI THV-1000-E Vibration Test chamber with temperature and climatic control

  • Manufacturer: ASLI
    Model: THV-1000-E
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- Internal Dimension: W1000×H1000×D1000(mm)
- External Dimension: W1300×H2200×D2400(mm)
- Temperature Range 
+ Low temperature:D: -60℃
+ High temperature:100℃(150℃)
- Humidity Range: 20%~98%R.H.(10%-98% R.H. / 5%-98% R.H. is a special optional condition, need Dehumidifier)
- Analytic Accuracy / Distribution uniformity of temperature and humidity: 0.1℃; 0.1% R.H/±2.0℃; ±3.0% R.H.
- Control Accuracy of temperature and humidity: ±0.5℃; ±2.5% R.H.
- Temperature Rising / Falling Speed Rate 
+ Temperature rising approx. 0.1~3.0℃/min 
+ Temperature falling approx. 0.1~1.5℃/min;
(The Falling Speed Rate Min.1.5℃/min is a special optional condition)
- Vibration Test Equipment: Choose proper vibration test bench according to customer's test condition ,
the technical parameters please take Electrodynamics
Type Vibration Tester's parameters in this catalog for reference
- Power: AC380V 3∮5 Lines, 50/60HZ
- Optional Accessories: Inner door with operation hole(Optional) , Recorder(optional), Water Purifier, Dehumidifier



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