BK Precision 635 Infrared Thermometer with Laser Pointer (550°C)

Measurement Range: -4˚ to 1022˚F (-20˚ to 550˚C)
Resolution: 1˚C/F
Accuracy: +2% of reading or +6˚F (3˚C), whichever is greater
Spectral Response: 6 to 14µm
Emissivity: 0.10 to 1.00 by steps of 0.01
Field of View: 2.5" Ø at 39" (65mmØ at 1000mm)
Sample Rate: 1 time per second
Power Supply: 9V battery
Dimensions: 170 x 65.5 x 35mm
Weight: 190g
Included: 9V Battery, Instruction Manual


The 635 is a portable easy to use 3 digit, compact sized infrared digital thermometer with laser pointer, designed for simple one hand operation. Meter comes with Backlit LCD display. Auto hold function and auto power down (20 seconds approx.) after releasing MEAS button to extend battery life.


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