BKPRECISION PR-60 Active Differential Probe (25MHz)

Bandwidth: 25MHz (-3dB)

Attenuation Ratio: x10/x100

Accuracy: ±2%

Rise Time: 14 ns

Input Impedance: 4MΩ/10pF each side to ground

Input Voltage:

Max. Differential ±700V (DC+Peak AC)

Max. Common Mode ±700V (DC+Peak AC)

Output Voltage:

Max. Amplitude ±7V (into 2kΩ load)

Offset (Typical): ≤ ±5mV, -10˚to 40˚ C

Noise (Typical): 1.5 to 2mV

Source Impedance: 1Ω @ 1kHz, 8Ω @ 1MHz


50Hz: 86 dB

20kHz: 66 dB

200kHz: 56 dB

Probes Sprung Hooks: (B/R)

Length of Input Lines: 18" (45cm)

Operating Temperature: 14˚ to 104˚F (-10˚ to 40˚C)

Power Requirements: 4 x AA Cells

Certification: IEC61010-1 CATIII




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