DaiHan HB-R48 High-performance Heating Block/Dry Bath Incubator (-5℃~95℃, ±0.1℃)

  • Manufacturer: DaiHan
    Model: HB-R48
    P/N: DH.WHB00248
    Origin: Korea
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Controller: Digital Fuzzy Controller

Useful Block: Interchangeable Block(90 x 120 x h60mm) for Various Tubes


+ Unit : 185 x 230 x h220

+ Block (x2ea) : 90 x 120 x h60

Cooling: Two Peltier Modules

Cool-Down Speed: 2.3 ℃/min. between 95℃ to 25℃, 0.5℃/min. between 25℃ to  -5℃

Heater & Sensor Approx.:  Molded Heater(300W), PT100

Temp. Range, & Accuracy:  -5℃ to 95℃ , ±0.1℃ at 37℃, ±0.2℃ at 90℃

Heat-up Speed: Approx. 5℃/min

Safety Circuit: Over Temp. and Over Current Protector, Sensor Error Detector

Timer with Alarm: 99hr 59min, Alarm (Error Status and Timer-end)

Display: Digital LCD with Back-Light Function 

Material Unit : Stainless-steel(#304)& Powder Coated steel, Block : Anodized Aluminum

Included Standard Acce. Block Tongs "BLE101" and Block Cover

Packing Size & Gross Weight: 350 x 220 x h310 mm, 9 kg 

Power Consumption: 450 W 

Electric Reqts.: 1 Phase, or AC 230V, 50/60Hz


Interchangeable Anodized Aluminum Blocks (90x 120x h60mm) 

DH.WHB510596 (1) Block, for 0.2ml PCR Tube, (Φ6x h16mm)x 96 holes, "BLC596"

DH.WHB510570 (2) Block, for 0.5ml Centrifuge Tube, (Φ7.7x h29.5mm) x 63 holes, "BLC570"

DH.WHB511548 (3) , for 1.5/2m1Centrifuge Tube, (Φ11 xh35mm) x 48 holes, "BLC548" 

DH.WHB521248 (4) Block, for 012mm Test Tube, (Φ12x h35mm)x 48 holes, "BLT248" 

DH.WHB521335 (5) , for Φ13mm Test Tube, (Φ13x h47mm)x 30 holes, "BLT335"

DH.WHB521535 (6) , for 015mm Test Tube, (Φ15x h47mm)x 30 holes, "BLT535" 

DH.WHB521628 (7) , for Φ16.5mm Test Tube, (Φ16.5x h47mm)x 24 holes, "BLT628" 

DH.WHB521828 (8) , for Φ18mm Test Tube, (Φ18x h47mm)x 24 holes, "BLT828"

DH.WHB531515 (9) Block, for 15ml Conical Tube, (Φ16x h47mm)x 15 holes, "BLC515" 

DH.WHB535008 (10) , for 50ml Conical Tube, (Φ28.7x h47mm)x 8 holes, "BLC008" 

DH.WHB500101 Spare, Block Extraction Tongs, "BLE101"



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