DOLANG DLWD-ETBE24D730M Electrical Technology Know-how Training Set

  • Manufacturer: DOLANG
    Model: DLWD-ETBE24D730M
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Technical Parameters

● Total dimension: 1600×1370×1800mm

● Size of patch board: 640×730mm(Whole plate folding,stainless steel materials)

● Output power: AC 380V Safety terminal output,output power indicator AC 220V 

   Safety socket output, rocker switch control  DC 1.25-30V±1%

   Safety terminal output (Including voltage, ammeter indication function)

● Instrument Measurement: Three-phase voltage measurement,three-phase current measurement,single-phase current measurement,three-phase power measurement, single-phase power measurement,power factor measurement,frequency measurement,single-phase load electricity consumption measurement.

● Capacity: < 1.5KVA

■ Optional

● Teaching resources

● Simulation software

● Electric drag components   

● Lighting components



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