DOLANG DLWD-SA2668B Safety Electricity Training Set

  • Manufacturer: DOLANG
    Model: DLWD-SA2668B
    Guarantee: 12 month
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■ Overview

● The system uses the German teaching training mode,it related to electricity protection knowledge,with visually appearance,and  convenient for students to do experiment.

● The set is modular structure which composed of 22 independent teaching modules.Including power box,body resistance module,body electric shock module,step voltage module, safety ground module, direct electric shock module,indirect electric protection module and insulator monitor module.The device is single-side workbench for 2 students,which allow two students do experiment at the same time and can complete 68 kinds basic electricity protection experiment respectively.

● The device has a power supply detection and indication, short-circuit current protection, overload protection,ground protection, leakage protection and other functions to guarantee the safety of students.

■ Technical Parameter

● Total dimension: 1600×800×1680mm

● Capacity: <1.5KVA

● Input power: single-phase, three-wire AC 220V±10%  50Hz/60Hz

● Output power:

IT network, TT  network, TN-S  network, TN-C  network and TN-C-S  network form independent AC220V safety terminal output, AC220V safety terminal  isolation output, AC24V safety terminal isolation output



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