HAKKO FR-810B W / 3 Wired Cord But No Plug SMD Rework Station

  • Manufacturer: HAKKO
    Model: FR-810B
    P/N: FR810B-10
    Guarantee: 12 month
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  • 1,040,217 Kyat

Power consumption: 1,100W (AC 220V

Temperature range: 50 to 600ºC


Power consumption: 30W

Air flow: 1-9 (5 to 115L/min)

Dimensions: 160(W)×145(H)×220(D)mm

Weight: 1.5kg


Power consumption: 1170 W

Standard nozzle: Φ4mm (No.N51-02)

Total length: 250mm

Weight: 180g

Packing list:

Station with handpiece, Nozzle (Φ 4 mm), Handpiece holder, Vacuum pipe control knob L (with screw), Pads (qty 2 each of Ø3 mm, Ø5 mm, Ø7.6 mm), Heat resistant pad, Power Cord, Temperature distribution chart, Instruction manual

Optional Power:

AC100V: 700W

AC110V: 840W

AC120V: 820W

AC220V: 1,100W

AC230V: 1,200W

AC240V: 1,300W



Cataloge Hakko 2019

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