HAKKO FX-100 220V W / 3 Wired Cord But No Plug Soldering Station (28W)

  • Manufacturer: HAKKO
    Model: FX-100
    P/N: FX100-10
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Power consumption: 28W (85W)

Temperature range: T31-01 Series: 450ºC, T31-02 Series: 400ºC, T31-03 Series: 350ºC

Temperature stability: ±1.1ºC


Output power: 50W

Output frequency:  13.56MHz

Dimensions: 127(W)×150(H)×167(D)mm

Weight: 3kg

・Soldering Iron

Tip to ground resistance: <2Ω

Tip to ground potential <2mV

Heating element: IH (Induction heating)

Cord length: 1.3m

Total length: 

190mm (with No.T31-02D24 or T31-03D24)

193mm (with No.T31-01D24)

Weight: 31g (with No.T31-02D24)

Packing list

1. Soldering station (HAKKO FX-100)

2. Soldering iron (HAKKO FX-1001)

3. Power cord

4. Iron holder (with cleaning sponge and wire)

5. Heat resistant pad

6. Heat insulation covers (green and grey)

7. Instruction manual



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