HUATEC HV1000 micro vickers hardness tester

Test load:    0.098, 0.246, 0.49, 0.98, 1.96, 2.94, 4.90, 9.80N (10-1000kgf)
Load holding time: 5-60sec
Magnification of microscope: Measuring:400x (Object lens 40x, Eyepiece 10x) Observation: 100x (Object lens 10x, Eyepiece10x)
Loading mechanism    Automatic loading and releasing method
Measuring microscope:
    Max.measuring length 150μm
    Min.measuring unit 0.5μm
Max.height of specimen: Approx 65mm
Max.depth of specimen: Approx 85mm
Micro test table: Dimension:100_100mm Max.movement:25mm in X&Y axis Min .micro graduation: 1/100mm
Digital data display: (5-2500)HV
Automatic recorder     
Photographic device: Possible to install at any time
Dimensions of tester: W290 ×D405×M480mm
Weight of tester: 25kg
Power supply: AC220V/110V±10% 50Hz/60Hz
Standard delivery of micro metal hardness tester HV1000
Main unit :  1 pcs
Micro Vickers indenter: 1 pcs
10 × objective: 1 pcs
40 × objective: 1 pcs
Manual: 1 pcs
Weight shaft: 1 pcs
Cross testing table: 1 pcs
Screwdriver: 2 pcs
Horizontal adjusting screw: 4 pcs
10× micrometer eyepiece:  1 pcs
Micro Vickers hardness test block (high):  1 pcs
Micro Vickers hardness test block (medium): 1 pcs
Level: 1 pcs
Lamp (6V/2 W):  2 pcs
Fuse 1A, 2A: 2 pcs
Certificate:  1 pcs
Manual for printer: 1 pcs
Weight:  6 pcs
Fine wire holder: 1 pcs

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