ISP iEDX-100A Materials Analyzer

X-ray tube: Rh Target / Ti Target(Sulfur Analysis)

Detection System: Si-Pin / SDD(He Purge Option)

Energy Resolution SDD : 149eV FWHM at Mn Kα 

Sensor areas: 30㎟

Collimator: 1,3,5 mm Auto Change

Detection Element: Na(11) – U(92) – He Purge Option

Sample Type: Solid / Liquid / Powder

Size of the sample chamber: 310 X 284 X 100mm or 300 X 320 X 155mm (W x D x H)

Voltage: 50 kV

Current: 1 mA

Beam direction: Bottom up

Z stage: No

Standard Mode: 

Camera Magnification: 10~15x

Safety: 3 point interlock

- RoHS, HF, ELV, Sb, Sn, S

- Option: Auto Sampler(10ch/12ch)

- Application:

Sulfur in Oil Analysis

Product screening international environmental regulations (RoHS, WEEE, ELV compliant)

Hazardous material(Cr, Br, Cd, Hg, Pb, Cl, Sb, Sn, S) Screening equipment

Hazardous substances checks that are contained in the toy’s

accessories, precious metals

Recycling, Analysis of the lubricating oil & environmental pollutants

Research and education for elemental component analysis

Electricity, Electron, Automobile, Precious metal, Injection Plating, Packaging etc



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