KERN ALJ250-4AM Analytical balances


Casing material: Plastic

Dimensions housing (WxDxH): 210 mm x 340 mm x 330 mm

Level indicator: yes

Material weighing plate: stainless steel

Revolving screw feet: yes

Weighing space (WxDxH): 160 mm x 140 mm x 205 mm

Weighing surface (d): 80


Display digit height: 1,700 cm


DKD Certificate: 963-101

Technical data about verification:

Verification class: I (ohne Bauartzulassung)

Input voltage: 220 V - 240 V AC 50 Hz


Counting function: yes

Density determination function: yes

Dynamic Weighing function: yes

GLP record: yes

Peak function: yes

Percentage determination: yes

PRE-TARE function: yes

Standby function: yes

Weighing with tolerance range: yes

Measuring system:

Adjustment options: Internal calibration (manual) Internal calibration (auto) External calibration

Linearity: 0,300mg

Readout [d]: 0,100mg

Recommended adjusting weight: 200 g (E2)

Reproducibility: 0,100mg

Stabilisation time: 4s

Weighing range [Max]: 250g

Weighing system: Force compensation

Weighing units: mo ct tl (Singap. Malays) tl (HK) ozt gn g dwt tl (Tw) oz lb

Environmental conditions:

Maximum humidity: 80 %

Maximum operating temperature: 35 °C

Minimum ambient temperature: 5 °C


Counting resolution: 500000

Mininum piece weight at piece counting: 0,500 mg

Reference quantity: 10 25 50 100

Reference weight: yes

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