KTC SKX2613 Roller cabinets and wagons

  • Manufacturer: KTC
    Model: SKX2613
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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  • 431,489 Kyat

● The bearing rail adoption which can open and shut a drawer smoothly.
● Product weight :24kg
● Heaven board load :20kg-proof
● Drawer size:
w570 x d 275 x h 65 x 1 (load :5kg-proof)
● The intermediate bottom size:
w705 x d 400 x h 90 x 1 shelf (load :15kg-proof)
● The bottom shelf size:
w705 x d 400 x h 90 (load :20kg-proof)
● Accessory: A heaven board and Mat for shelvesx 3 and a mat for drawersx 1

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