Labstac BI133 Dry Bath Incubator (RT+5-100°C)

Temperature Range: RT+5-100°C

Display Accuracy: 0.1°C

Temperature Control Accuracy: ≤±0.3°C

Time Range: 1 min – 99 h 59 min

Time for Heating: ≤15 min ≤15 min (20°C to 100°C)

Optional Accessories: 

BX7070 PCR Block 96 X 0.2 ml

BX7071 Centrifuge Tube Block 54 X 0.5 ml

BX7072 Centrifuge Tube Block 35 X 1.5 ml

BX7073 Centrifuge Tube Block 36 X 2.0 ml

BX7074 Centrifuge Tube Block 15X0.5 ml & 20X1.5 m

BX7075 Microplate Block 96X0.2 ml

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