Labstac IO312 Air-jacketed Multi gas Incubator (Low oxygen)

Oxygen: Low

Capacity: 151 L

Temperature Range: Amb. +2 to 55℃

Temperature Accuracy: <±0.1°C

Temperature recovery Time: ≤7 mins(After 30 sec. Door opening)

CO2 Range: 0~20%

CO2 Accuracy: ±0.1

CO2 Sensor: IR standard or TC optional

O2 range(% CO2): 3%-20%, 22%-85%

O2 accuracy(%CO2): ±0.2

O2 sensor: zirconuim

Humidity Range: ≥95%±3%

Interior: Stainless steel, type 304

Temperature Sensors: PT1000

Internal Dimention (WxDxH): 470×530×607 mm

Overall Dimension (WxDxH): 637×768×869 mm

Shelves/Trays: 3 standard, 10 maximum

Shelf Dimension(WxD): 423×445 mm

Max. Load per Shelf: 10 kg

CO2 control system: Microprocessor PID

Weight: 80 kg

Power: ≤650 VA+10%

Power Supply: 220 V±10%/ 50 Hz


IX1007 Standard shelf (3 Sets)

IX1026 CO2 steel cylinder auto-switch device (1 Set)

Optional Accessories: 

IX1016 CO2 regulator

IX1018 Air connector

IX1027 Shelf

IX1028 Shelf support

IX1029 Small HEPA filter

IX1030 O2 regulator

IX1031 N2 regulator

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