Labstac LH311 Horizontal Laminar Air Flow

Type: Horizontal Laminar Flow

Air Cleanliness: Class 100

Average Air Flow Velocity: 0.3 m/s-0.5 m/s

HEPA Filter Efficiency: 99.99% efficiency at 0.3 µm

UV Lamp: 30 W×1

Fluorescent Lamp: 28 W×1

Illumination: ≥350 lux

Vibration Half Peak: ≤5 µm

Max Opening: 520 mm

Front Window: Motorized

Control System: Microprocessor

Caster: Universal Wheel with levelling feet

Chamber Material: Cold-rolled steel coated with anti-bacteria powder coating

Standard Accessory: Fluorescent Lamp, UV Lamp×2, Base Stand, Gas Tap, Socket×2

Work Surface Height: 720 mm

Internal Size in (WxDxH): 1200×500×570 mm

Overall Dimension: 1300×825×2000 mm

Packaging Size: 1470x1060x1600 mm

Display: LCD

Noise Level: >60 dB(A)

Weight: 165 kg

Power: 400 W

Power Supply: 220 V, 60 Hz


LX1001 Fluorescent lamp

LX1002 Gas tap

LX1003 Total load of two waterproof sockets: 500W

LX1004 UV Lampx2

LX1005 Base Stand

LX1008 Water Tap

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