Lisun DT-60KG Automatic Double Drop Test Machine (400-1500mm, 60 kg)

• The drop height: 400-1500mm (or the specified)

• The maximum weight measurement: 60KG

• The maximum size: 2000*800*300mm

• Drop error: <1°

• The drop height error: ±10mm

• Drop method: Face, edge and corner

• Height standard: Motor rotation

• The machine height display by the digital measuring instrument, also combined with calibration function

• Drop method: Electromagnetic drive drop control, click on the drop button can be achieved test items drop test

• Reset mode: Manual reset

• Protection function: Install the limit protection switch on the upper and lower position of machine main lifting rod

• The external dimension of machine: Customized according to the test products maximum size to build which based on the actual size

• Net weight: About 600KG;

• Power supply: AC380V/50HZ;

• Power: 4KW



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