Lisun LVD-100KG Electrodynamic Vibration Generator System (0~5mm, 100kg, 2 tables)

• LVD-100KG: Combined vertical table and horizontal table in one set

• Vibration table size: 500*500mm (Other size can be designed)

• Vibration: 0~5mm (Adjustable range P-P). Vibration waveform: sine wave (half wave and full wave). Acceleration speed: 0~20g (Adjustable)

• Maximum test load capacity: 100kg

• Accuracy: Frequency can be displayed to 0.01 Hz. Precision: 0.1 Hz.

• Sweep frequency function (1~600Hz): (Upper frequency, Lower frequency, Time range) It can set real standard arbitrarily to sweep frequency back and forth

• Programmable Function (1~600Hz): It can set 15 segments in one test with different parameters (frequency/amplitude/time/acceleration), and it can be recycled

• Frequency doubling function (1~600Hz): 15 segments multiplied-increase:

1)Low to high frequency

2)High to low frequency

3)Low to high and then to low frequency, it can be recycled

• Logarithmic function (1~600Hz), 3 modes of logarithm/can be recycled:

1)Lower to upper frequency

2)Upper to lower frequency

3)Lower to upper and then to lower frequency

• Measuring instrument: To display amplitude, acceleration speed and the maximum acceleration speed




Measure: Sine Wave, Frequency Modulation, Sweep Frequency, Programmable, Frequency Doubling, Logarithm, High Acceleration speed, Amplitude Modulation, Time Control, Full-function Computer Control, simple and easy to set the acceleration and amplitude.


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