Lisun SBLL-3P20A Test for Switches Intended for Self-ballasted Loads (300V, 9KW, AC220V/50Hz)

• Digital display voltage value: 0~300V, Accuracy: Class 0.5.

• Digital display power value: 0~9KW, Accuracy: Class 0.5

• Each preset switch rated voltage: AC 250V, and rated current: 10A, 13A, 16A, 20A four gears available

• Equipped with a voltage regulating device, it can reach 250V AC voltage required for switching test without connecting external voltage regulator

• Adjustable input voltage to ensure test voltage AC 250V

• All working parameters are set according to AC 250V, including W, I , I t and current surge waveform. 

• The number of work stations is 3, that is, it can test 3 switches at the same time

• With long-break/long-pass protection function, protection time:1~99s can be preset.

• Power supply:Single Phase AC 220V/50Hz



This equipment is used to test the load on-off capability of the self-ballasted lamp switch. Check whether the switch has continuous arc flash, whether the contacts are welded, whether there are long-term contact closures and disconnections, check whether there is excessive wear or other damage. The self-ballasted lamp switch should withstand the electrical and thermal stresses that occur when controlling the LED circuit and without excessive damage or other harmful effects. The SBLL-3P20A fully meets the requirements for controlling selfballasted lamp switches of GB16915.1-2014 Clause 19.3 and IEC60669-1: 2017 Clause 19.3.

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