Lisun SQ-016 Sulfur Dioxide Test Chamber (7KW, AC380V)

• Work Room Size (mm): 850x1600x600 

• Exterior Size (mm): 1280x2320x1500 

• Voltage: AC380V

• Power: 7KW

• Temperature range: RT+5~55℃ (Can be customized according to test demand)

• Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃

• Temperature uniformity: ±2℃

• Relative humidity: 75~98%RH

• Sulfur dioxide concentration range (Please mark this on the PO): 0~5000ppm (0~1000pphm adjustable)

• Quantitative control (Please mark this on the PO): 0~10L/hour (Adjustable)

• Environmental Requirements:

1)Power Source: AC380V 50/60Hz

2)The distance between cabinet and surface of wall should be more than 600mm

3)The left of machine should be close to wall, and the outside of test room should be outdoor to emissions of sulfur dioxide gas

4)This machine should put a room separate, and this room should be easy to ventilation with outdoor

• Machine structure and characteristics of the material:

1)Box with glass fiber reinforced epoxy molding touch, abestos jacket stickers, endure high temperature and corrosion resistance, light weight, high strength, smooth and easy to clean wall cabinets

2)Cover with epoxy fiberglass roof made of 100 ~ 120 ℃, in order to avoid condensation inside directly onto the specimen. Open the lid attached pneumatic devices

3)Heater: Nickel-chromium alloy heating wire is heated from the bottom, forming a jacket heating to keep the temperature uniformity is good

4)Humidification method: Humidifying steam generator

5)Sulfur dioxide input method: Cylinders input (Manual)

6)Exhaust gas processing (forced discharge function): Install sulfur dioxide gas process device, multi-stage process by sodium bicarbonate, to pass emissions (purification devices external)



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