Lisun XD-150LF Xenon Lamp Aging Test Chamber (Air-cooled xenon)

Working size: 600*760*500mm(L*W*H)

Temperature Range: RT+10~80℃(Adjustable); Blackboard temperature: 63℃ ±3℃

Temperature fluctuation: ±0.5℃; Temperature deviation: ±2℃

Humidity range: 50~95% R•H(Adjustable); Humidity deviation: ≤±2%

Glass window filter: 1 PC

Time of raining: 0~9999min; Cycle of raining: 1 ~ 240min, the interval can be adjusted

Spray time: (Water spray time/no water spray time): 18min/102min or 12min/48min

Rain water pressure: 0.12~15Mpa; Spray nozzle aperture: Ф0.8mm

Xenon lamp source: Air-cooled lamp; Quantity of Xenon lamps: 3 PCS

Xenon lamp power: 1.8KW/PC

Heating Power: 3KW; Humidification power: 1.5KW

Distance between sample holder and lamp: 230~280mm

Sample rack tray: 1 layer turntable

Wavelength: 290~800nm

Illumination time: 1~9999h、m、s continuously adjustable

Irradiance: 550W per square (optional for Radiometer)

Total Power: 9.5KW



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