Lisun YWX/Q-750 Salt Spray Test Machine (3.5KW, 1Phase/220V)

• Work Room Size (mm): 1100x750x500

• Exterior Size (mm): 1700x1050x1150

• Voltage: 1Phase/220V

• Power: 3.5KW

• A waterproof structure is adopted between the chamber cover and chamber body.

• Adopts the tower spraying system and equipped with the salt solution filter system and non-crystal nozzle.

• Working room temperature range:RT+5℃~50℃ (The setting value cannot be lower than the current ambient temperature); Saturated barrel temperature: +40°C~+63°C;

• Brine temperature: preheated by laboratory temperature; Temperature uniformity: ≤ ±2°C; Temperature fluctuation: ≤ ±1°C;

• Test time: 0-99,999 M adjustable; Settlement: 1-2ml/80cm²/h;

• Spray method: NSS (neutral) test, AASS (acidic) test, CASS (copper acceleration) test, custom test, programmable test, each test can choose continuous spray or intermittent spray (according to industry standards).

• Sample holder: at an angle of 15 to 30 degrees from the vertical surface (with sample standard placed). Other irregular samples are recommended to remain tilted. The V-groove has a single weighing capacity of 3KG, and the O-bar has a single bearing capacity of 5KG. It is strictly forbidden to place samples under heavy weight.



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