Matsusada DOSF25-48 Ultra High Speed Bipolar Power Supply (±25V,±48A,1200W)

Input: AC 200 V to 240 V ±10%, single phase, 13A

Maximum output voltage: ±25V

Maximum output current: ±48A

Maximum output power: 1200 W

Frequency response (-3 dB): 

CV mode: DC to 200 kHz

CC mode: DC to 100 kHz

Waveform generation function: Sine wave, Rectangular wave, Triangular wave, phase setting (sine wave), duty setting (Rectangular wave and triangular wave)

Frequency setting accuracy: ≤ 0.03%

Frequency for waveform: DC, 10 mHz to 20 kHz (30 kHz)

Output setting range 

DC: -100% to +100%

AC : 0% to +100%

Ripple: 0.02% rms

Stability: 0.016%/Hr typ

Setting accuracy: ± 0.5% FS

Distortion factor: CV: 0.05%, CC: 0.5%

Voltage regulation:

Line : 0.05% (for ±10% input change)

Load: 0.05% (for 10% to 100% load change)

Protections: Against output short-circuit,overvoltage and overcurrent (variable OVP/OCP limit)

Output display LCD on front panel: 

Three-digit output voltage monitor 

Three-digit output current monitor (AC (rms), DC, MAX, MIN)

Output display accuracy: DC: ±1% F.S ±1 dgt, AC: ±1% F.S ±1 dgt

Temperature coef: 0.02%/°C (CV Mode), 0.04%/°C (CC Mode) 

Operation temp.: 0°C to +40°C 

Storage temp.: -20°C to +70°C

Relative humidity: 20% to 80%, non condensing

Accessories: Input cable 2.5 m length x 1 Flying lead, Instruction manual x 1




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