Mettler Toledo ME403 NewClassic ME Precision Balances, Internal Calibration (420g, 0.001g)

Model: ME403

Manufacturer: Mettle Toledo-Switzerland

Origin: China


- Capacity: 420g

- Readability: 0.001 g

- Repeatability: 0.001g

- Linearity: 0.002 g

- Stable time: 1.5s

- Weight plate size: ∅ 120 mm

- Dimensions (L x W x H): 210x319x289 mm

- Automatic calibration with standard weight inside

- The bright display screen allows reading results in all conditions and numbers, show loud and clear.

- The entire weight disc surface is made of stainless steel, increasing the durability of weight as well as sustainable when exposed to chemicals.

- Scales with protection function when overloaded

- Scales have the function of counting, calculating percentages, dynamic weighing, sample counting, weighing

statistics, weighting ...

- Units: g, mg, ib, oz, ozt, GN, dwt, mo,

m, tl.

- Balance with RS-232 connection port.

- Certifications/Compliance: ISO / GLP standards

- Documents: manual for weighing.



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