NOVOTEST UT-3K-EMA Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauge NOVOTEST UT-3A-EMA

Thickness measurement (steel) – 2...60 mm

Without application of couplant and advance surface preparation,through air gap

Allows user to put the probe not exact perpendiculary to the surface,

Allows to reduce the human factor and disturbing factors

User can connect gauge to a tablet, smartphone or other device

based on Android OS. Allows user to expand the capabilities of the

UT-3K-EMA thickness gauge to the level of a modern flaw detector

The device has a bright contrast LCD display

A-scan, B-scan, calibration settings

Three thickness measurement modes:


Measuring thicknesses range for steel, mm: 2.0...60.0

Basic measurement accuracy, mm: 0.08

Permissible gap between device and testing

object, mm: Up to 3

Permissible probe vertical deviation to the

testing surface normal, grad: ±25

Maximum measurements per second: 16

Setting range of the ultrasonic velocity, m / s: 1000-9999 with 1m/s step

Operating oscillation range, MHz: 3...5

Excitation wave type:Transverse wave, radial-

polarized wave in surfacenplane of testing object

Operating temperature range, ° C: -20 to +50

Overall dimensions, mm: 163x39x32

Time of continuous work hours, not less, h: 5

Standard set:

EMA Thickness Gauge





Calibration certificate

Operating manual


Available options:

Couplant; UT-probes; Calibration blocks



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