Pflow P117 Ultrasonic flow meter (25mm-1200mms)


Transit time ultrasonic handheld,easy to carry clamp-on outside of pipe for easy setup

No pipe cutting or process shutdown

High accuracy at low and high flows Bi-directionl flow

Fluis measured:

Water and liquids,tolerant of liquids with small amounts of ari bubbles or suspended solids

Flow range:

Flow range of 0.01-12m/s

Pipe sizes from 25-1200mm

Pipe material:

Carbon sheet,stainless sheet,PVC

Digital communications:

RS485,Modbus RTU

Out puts:

Analog output:4-20mA max load 750Ω

SD Card:


Max record:512 files

Interval 1-60 seconds


Transmitter -10 độC   - 50 độ C

Transducer 40 độ C - 80 độ C

Ultrasonic Flowmeter P117 

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