PICO PicoScope 6404E High-performance Oscilloscope (4 CH, 500 MHz )

Input channels: 4

Bandwidth: (–3dB) 500 MHz 

Rise time: < 850 ps 

Bandwidth limit: 20 MHz, selectable

Vertical resolution:  8 bits fixed 

Input sensitivity: 2 mV/div ~ 4 V/div (10 vertical divisions)

Enhanced vertical resolution (software): Up to 4 extra bits beyond ADC resolution

Maximum sampling rate (real time, 8-bit mode):

Up to 2 total analog channels and MSO pods 5 GS/s

Up to 4 total analog channels and MSO pods 2.5 GS/s 


Trigger modes: None, auto, repeat, single, rapid (segmented memory)

Advanced trigger types (digital inputs): With optional MSO pods: Edge, pulse width, dropout, interval, pattern, logic (mixed signal)

Automatic measurements

Scope mode: AC RMS, true RMS, frequency, cycle time, duty cycle, DC average, falling rate, rising rate, low pulse width, high pulse width, fall time,

rise time, minimum, maximum, peak to peak

Spectrum mode: Frequency at peak, amplitude at peak, average amplitude at peak, total power, THD %, THD dB, THD+N, SFDR, SINAD, SNR, IMD

Statistics: Minimum, maximum, average, standard deviation

PC connector type: USB Type B

Power requirement: 12 V DC from supplied PS016 PSU. Up to 7 A including powered accessories.

Dimensions: 245 x 192 x 61.5 mm

Weight 2.2 kg 




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