Schloeder CWG 1526-10 Coupling network for Surge testing on data and signal lines (240VAC, 120VDC, 2x10A)

Nominal voltage AC: max. 240 V, 50/60 Hz

Nominal voltage DC: max. 120 V

Nominal current IN CWG 1526-10: 2 x 10 A at TU= 40°Celsius

Serial choke: 2 x 20 mH

Coupling capacity C: 0,5 µF

Serial resistance R 40 Ω

Maximum pulse voltage 1,2 / 50 µs 4.4 kV

Coupling paths to be selected D1 - D2, D1 - GND, D2 - GND

High voltage (HV) input Fischer HV-jack D105A039

Input coupling network: Laboratory jacks

Output coupling network: Laboratory jacks

Input electronic supply: IEC-plug, 230 V / 0,5 A on the rear

Ground connector additional via jack: on the front and rear

Operation temperature 0 up to 40° Celsius

Housing (H x W x D): 150 x 225 x 360 mm (3HE; 42TE)

Weight, approx.:10.4 kg



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