SIUI CTS-5011 Multi-Channel Digital Ultrasonic Flaw Detector

• Display Screen: 20-Inch LED Backlight Monitor (Dell IN2030M)

• AC Power Input: AC 100~240V 50Hz/60Hz 

• Power Supply: ≤170VA 

• Dimension: 518×298×311 (L×W×H) mm

• Weight: 25 kg

• Probe Connector Type: BNC

• Pulser: Negative Square

• Transmit Method/ Voltage: Transmit voltage: 50-500V, adjustable step 50V

• Pulse Width: 50ns~500ns,adjustable step 5ns

• PRF: 10 levels selectable (200~2.5KHz/ channel)

• Damping: High/ low

• A/D Sampling Rate: 200MHz

• Attenuator: 0~110dB, step: 0.5/2/6/12dB

• Bandwidth: 0.5~20MHz

• Filter: 4 levels: 0.5~16MHz /1~5MHz / 2~10MHz / 10~20MHz

• Rectify: Negative/ Positive/ Full/ Filter/ RF

• Reject: 0~80% , step 1%

• Detection Range: 0 ~ 1000 mm (longitudinal wave in steel), minimum display range 5mm

• Pulse Shift Range: -10 ~ 500 mm (longitudinal wave in steel),minimum step 0.1mm

• Material Velocity: 1000 ~ 9999 m/s, minimum step 1m/s

• Probe Zero: 0~500µs, minimum step 0.1µs

• Measurement Point: Peak/ Flank 

• Measurement:

Each channel has four gates, A, B and C are measurement gates, and D is a tracking gate.

A scan: gate measured value, sound path, amplitude, A-B gate sound path difference.

B scan: B scan image is zoomable, and flaw position and sizing can be measured.

• Gate Adjustment:

Gate Start: Full range, minimum step 0.1mm

Gate Width: Full range, minimum step 0.1mm

Gate Threshold:10%~90%

• Auxiliary FunctionsGate Start: Freeze, waveform filling, channel copy, A scan zoom (1/2/4/6/8 channels can be displayed simultaneously), B scan zoom, flaw detection

and thickness measurement grouping, auto test control, print, screenshot, frequency test, network communication, time-base/ shift


• Alarm: Audible and visual alarm (with built-in speaker, general alarm light, software interface virtual alarm light).

• Storage Management: Local hard disk storage: standard files (system setting parameters), scanning files (scanning process recording data), screenshot images

and so on. B scan process recording and cine replay functions for all channels.

• Surplus Sensitivity: ≥65dB

• Time Base Linearity: ≤0.5%

• Vertical Linearity: ≤2%

• Amplitude Linearity: ≤±2%

• Attenuator Error: 20dB±1dB

• Dynamic Range: ≥32dB

• Far Field Resolution: ≥26dB

• Equivalent Input Noise (EIN): <80×10-9 V/ Hz



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