SOLO URBAN365-001 Urban Electronic Smoke Test Kit (up to 5 metres high.)


- 1 x SOLO 365 (Lithium Ion Battery packed with equipment)

- 1 x SOLO 110 Access Pole, 3 x SOLO111 Extension Pole

- 1 x SOLO 611 Urban Backpack (Incl SOLO612 Urban Pole Bag)


- ES3-001 Smoke Cartridge


The No Climb Solo URBAN365-001 test kit is new test kit designed specifically for use in city environments, 

where using the traditional detector testing kits is impractical.

This test kit is designed to be accomodated in the supplied backpack and comes complete with a new shorter set of access poles, 

which strap to the side of the backpack.  This kit is designed for engineers working in busy city environments and is ideal for engineers using the London Underground for example, where the bulkier kit bags and longer access poles were impractical.

The shorter poles also allow for easier storage within vehicles.


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