TOB TOB-6047-2T Lithium Ion Battery Nail Penetration Crush Tester (1~20KN)

Force Range: 1~20KN

Tester Architecture: Free Stand & Vertical extrusion

Power Input: 220V 50 Hz

Force Deviation: ≤±1% Full-scale Range

Unit Shift: Kgf,lbf,n,kn,kpa,mpa

Crushing Velocity: 1~ 900mm/min(controllable)

Crushing Velocity Accuracy: ≤±0.5% Full-scale Range

Crushing Travel: 300mm

Crushing Motion Accuracy: ≤±1% Full-scale Range

Available Battery Size: W400 X D400 X H300mm

Voltage Resolution: 1mv

Test Terms: Force, Displacement (Deformation), Voltage, one from three projects or all three projects

Crushing Time Maintaining: 0~99 Hours 99 Minutes & 99 seconds, time can be controllable to control the deformation and stop if test fulfilled.

Driving Method: Servo Motor Driving

Nail Penetration Speed: 1 ~ 40mm/s(Controllable)

Tungsten steel needle

Φ3X100MM10 pieces

Φ6X100MM 10 pieces

Φ4X100MM 10 pieces



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