TOB TOB-SFCA-220 Prismatic Aluminum Case Battery PET Film Wrapping Machine (1KW)

Power supply


Total power 1KW.

Compressed air: 0.6MPa~0.8MPa ±1% (Clean air after dewatering, oil free, filtration and voltage stabilization)


weight :about 400kg

dimension :L(1.53m)*W(0.98m)*H(1.83m)

Environmental requirement

Temperature : 25±5℃

Humidity: 30%~75%RCH, Ensure that the air is dry and free from acid-base corrosion

Must grounding

Technology parameter

Joint blister≤2mm*3mm

The side blister≤2mm*5mm

Adjustable overlap:5mm~10mm

Efficiency :200pcs/h

Operator 1people

Product qualification rate : ≥98%

Suitable battery size: Height :120~220mm * Width :100~180mm * Thickness : 20mm~60mm



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