TOB TOB-VFC-300 Lithium Ion Battery Coating Machine With Dryer (0~120mm/s, 220 V)

  • Manufacturer: TOB
    Model: TOB-VFC-300
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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Coating method: Flat plate coating, standard equipped withTOB-KTQ-250s film maker, film width 250mm(can be increased), optional scraper and other metering device (manual scraping);

Coating Stroke: About 300mm, the stroke is set and adjusted in the touch screen stepless

Coating Driven: Motor driven, coating speed in the touch screen stepless setting adjustment

Dimension(L*W*H): L550mm×W450mm×H320mm

Coating Speed: 0~120mm/s(Such as iron phosphate lithium slurry)

Vacuum plate: Aluminum plate with vacuum

Size of Vacuum plate: L415mm×W300mm×H32mm

Blade thickness adjustable range: 0~6mm adjustable

Precision: ±3 µm, the optional table shows 1 µm (micrometer)

Heating drying system: Room temperature ~ 130℃, digital display temperature controller, precision±1℃

Vacuum pump: 1 built-in oil-free vacuum pump

Power: 220V/50Hz

Weight: 70KG




1. Adopt large area uniform heating to ensure high precision uniform temperature in cavity.

2. Flat plate coating, motor driven scraper coating, coating speed is stable and adjustable.

3. Film speed adjustable, vacuum aluminum plate can be quickly placed or removed copper foil, aluminum foil, etc., built-in vacuum pump or access to external vacuum source, substrate adsorption without deformation.

4. Standard preparation of film, coating precision, coating thickness adjustable.

5. Can be used in glove box, easy to operate, small size, can save space.

6. PLC. Touch screen control parameters are easy to set.

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