TOB TOB-YXY-VPS Vacuum Pre-Sealing Machine (-0.095MPa, 50L / min)

Head length: 350mm (Customized according to customer requirements)

Head width: 2~10mm (Customized according to customer requirements)

Sealing edge thickness: 0.19~ 0.3mm

Power configuration: AC220V / 50Hz, power 1.5KW

Compressed air: 0.6MPa, 5L/min

The vacuum source: -0.095MPa, 50L / min

Weight: about 100kg

The device dimensions (LxWxH): 550 * 450 * 500mm

Production capacity

100 ~ 350EA/H (depending on the workers operating proficiency,

small battery simultaneously encapsulate multiple



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  • Easy change and return
  • Delivery Avaliable
  • Favorable payment