UNI-T UT267B 3 phases power meter (60A, 600V, 12kW)

AC current (A): 0mA~20A ±(1.5%+3)

AC voltage (V): 0V~600V ±(1.5%+3)

Frequency (Hz): 45Hz~65Hz ±(2%+3)

Active power (W): 0W~12kW ±(3%+3)

Apparent power (VA): 0VA~12kVA ±(3%+3)

Reactive power (VAR): 0VAR~12kVAR ±(3%+3)

Power factor: -1~+1 ±0.03

Phase angle(°): 0°~360° ±1°

Current vector sum: 0mA~60A

Phase sequence test: 

+ Forward rotation, U1-U2-U3 or I1-I2-I3

+ Reverse rotation, U1-U3-U2 or I1-I3-I2

Display mode: LCD: 240 dots×160 dots

Clamp size: Acuminate current clamp: 7.5mm×13mm (optional)

Round jaw current clamp: 35mm×40mm (optional)

Auto range: Yes

RS-232: Yes

Data storage: 99

LCD backlight: Yes

Data hold: Yes

Input impedance for DCV: ≥2MΩ

Auto power off: About 15 minutes

Low battery indication: Yes

Sampling rate: About 0.5 times/s

Power: 1.5V battery (LR6) x 6

Product color: Red and grey

Product net weight: 550g

Product size: 196mm x 92mm x 54mm

Standard accessories: Batteries, current clamps (3pcs), test leads (1 yellow, 1 green, 1 red, 1 black)




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