Yokogawa TY520 Digital Multimeter

DC Voltage Measurement: 600mV, 6V, 60V, 600V, 1000V; 0.09+2 at 600mV, 6V, 60V, 600V

AC Voltage Measurement: 600mV, 6V, 60V, 600V, 1000V; 0.5+5 at 50/60Hz

Resistance Measurement (Ω): 600Ω, 6kΩ, 60kΩ, 600kΩ, 6MΩ, 60MΩ; 0.4+1*1 at 600Ω, 6kΩ, 60kΩ, 600kΩ

Frequency Measurement (Hz): 10.00 - 99.99Hz, 90.0 - 999.9Hz, 0.900 - 9.999Hz, 9.00 - 99.99kHz; 0.02+1 

DC Current Measurement: 600µA, 6000µA, 60mA, 600mA, 6A, 10A; 0.2+2 at  600µA, 6000µA, 60mA

AC Current Measurement (~A): 600µA, 6000µA, 60mA, 600mA, 6A, 10A; 0.75+5 at 50/60Hz

Frequency Measurement (Hz) AC coupling, Maximum effective display: 9999

Diode Test: 2V;  1+2

Continuity Check: 600Ω; Buzzer sounds at 50+30Ω or less

Capacitance: 10nF, 100nF, 1µF, 10µF, 100µF, 1000µF; 2+5 at 100nF, 1µF, 10µF

Temperature Measurement (TEMP): -50 - 600°C;  2+2°C

Display :3.5-digit LCD: 7-segment

Measuring Rate : :5 times/sec (Frequency: 1 time/sec, Capacitance: max. 0.14 times/sec (1000µF), Resistance: 2.5 times/sec, Temperature: 0.7 times/sec), Bar graph display: 25 times/sec (DC voltage, diode test: 5 times/sec)

Power Supply :Four AA (R6) dry cells

Battery Life :Approx. 300 hours (for continuous DC voltage measurement with alkaline cells)

Withstanding Voltage :6.88kV for 5 seconds (between input terminals and casing)

Dimensions :Approx. 90(W) x 192(H) x 49(D) mm

Weight :Approx. 570g (including batteries)

Standard Accessories :AA (R6) dry cells: 4, Test lead set (98015): 1, Fuse (installed) 440mA/1000V and 10A/1000V, Instruction manual: 1




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