Yokogawa 96064 Clamp-on probe (500A)

Measureable conductor size: Max. φ40 mm

Measuring range: AC 0 to 500 Arms (707 A peak)

Output voltage: AC 0 to 500 mVrms (1 mV/A)

Accuracy (sine wave input): + Band width: ±0.5%rdg ±0.1 mV ( 50/60 Hz)

±1.0%rdg ±0.4 mV (40 Hz to 1 kHz)

+ Phase: Within ±1.0 deg (at 5 A to 500 A, 40 Hz to 65 Hz)

Temperature & humidity range (guaranteed accuracy): 23 ±5°C, 85%RH or less(no ondensation)

Rated voltage between circuit and ground: AC 600 Vrms Max.

Operating temperature & humidity range: 0 to 50°C, 85%RH or less (no ondensation)

Storage temperature & humidity range: -20 to 60°C, 90%RH or less (no ondensation)

Temperature coefficient: In the range of 0 to 50°C and the amount of change from 23°C is ±0.5% rdg ± 0.1 mV or less

Maximum allowable input: AC 500 Arms continuous (50/60Hz)

Influence of the conductor location: Within ±0.5% rdg

Influence of the external magnetic field: 0.2 A equivalence or less (400 A/m, 50/60Hz)

Output impedance: Approx. 2 Ω

Withstand voltage: AC 5.4 kVrms / 5 s Between jaw and case, case and output terminal, output terminal and jaw.

Environmental condition: Altitude up to 2000 m, in-door use

Recommended calibration period: 1 year

Dimension: 52(W)×106(H)×25(D) mm (excluding projections)

Cable length: Approx.3m

Output terminal: MINI DIN 6PIN

Weight: Approx.260g

Accessory: Instruction manual, cable marker



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