ASLI SAT-60 Ventilator-Aging Test Chamber (500×600×500mm)

  • Manufacturer: ASLI
    Model: SAT-60
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Manufacturer: ASLI
Model: SAT-60
Warranty: 12 months

- Internal Dimensions WxHxD (mm): 500×600×500
- Internal DimensionsWxHxD (mm): 1150×1200×850
- Internal & Externa Material: Material of the inner box is SUS 304# stainless steel, of the outer box is stainless steel or SEE cold-rolled steel with paint coated.
- TemperatureRange: RT+10℃~200℃ (300℃)
- Distribution Uniformity of Temperature: ±2.0℃
- Air Ventilation Rate: 0-200 times/hr adjustable, with an ventilative adjustment button, Watt/Hour
- Speed of Test Frame( RPM): 5-10
- Power: AC220V



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