BK Precision 630 Dual K-type Thermometer

Measurement Range:-58˚ to 2000˚F (-50 to 1300˚C)
Resolution: 1˚F/˚C, 0.1˚F/˚C
Basic Accuracy: +(0.3% rdg + 1˚)
Sensor: Type K-type thermocouple
Sample Rate: 2.5 times per second
Power Supply: 9V battery
Battery Life: > 200 hours typical
Dimensions: 156 x 65.5 x 35mm
Weight: 200g
Option probe TP 29 (-50 to 200 C)


The 630 is a portable 3 1/2 digit, compact-sized dual input digital thermometer designed to use external K type thermocouples as temperature sensors. This unit can display the temperature difference between it two inputs.


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