Scales Galore Dillon AP Dynamometer (30007-0117) (10 inch, 10000kg)

  • Manufacturer: DILLON
    Model: 30007-0117
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Model: AP Dynamometer (10", 250mm)
Part number: 30007-0117       
Manufacture: Dillon
Origin: U.S.A
warranty: 12 months

-Accuracy:+ 0.5% of capacity
-Temperature Range:-50° to 140° F (-45° to 60° C)
-Ultimate Safety Factor:
See table on cover for minimum USF
-Construction:Pressure bar— High-grade E4340 alloy steel or 7075-T651 aluminum
Shackles –  A4140 forged steel (machined from E4340 steel)
Shackle pins – Machined from E4340 steel
-Case Housing:
 5" models are equipped with high strength
 composite plastic case.
 10" models use cast aluminum enclosure.
-Corrosion Protection: Pressure bar protected with durable
powder coat paint. Shackles and pins are electroless nickel
plated. All integral machining and fasteners are produced
from noncorrosive materials or have suitable plating.
-Zero Control:Zero up to 20% of capacity. Zeroed load must be
considered as part of ultimate load.
-Calibration: Traceable to NIST.
-Documentation:Includes User’s Guide and signed
calibration card.
-Carry Case/Crate:
 Low/Med capacity 5" dial – includes plastic carry case
 Low/Med capacity 10" dial – optional steel carry case
 All high capacity – includes reinforced plywood crate
-Periodic Proof Loads:Controlled 150% proof loads
permitted annually.
-Approval:CE on all capacities excluding 50K
-Shipping and packing(approximate weights):
-5" Low and Med Capacities
Net weight  9 lb
Shipping weight  15 lb
Shipping box  16" x 11" x 7"
-10" Low and Med Capacities
Net weight  10 lb
Shipping weight  16 lb
Shipping weight (with optional steel case)26 lb
Shipping box  14" x 14" x 7"
- 30,000 – 50,000 lb (20,000 kg) High Capacity
Net weight  64 lb
Shipping weight  98 lb
Shipping crate  37.5" x 13" x 10.5"

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