HAKKO FT-700 230V W / 3 Wired Cord But No Plug Tip Polisher (4.5W)

  • Manufacturer: HAKKO
    Model: FT-700
    P/N: FT-700-09
    Origin: Japan
    Guarantee: 12 month
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  • 365,816 Kyat

Power consumption: 4.5W (220 to 240V)

Dimensions: 70(W)×54(H)×101(D)mm

Weight: 0.65kg

・Chemical Paste

Amount: 10g

Ingredients: Flux, tin(Sn) 50wt%(each)

Packing List: HAKKO FT-700 Tip Polisher, HAKKO FS-100 Paste, Brush: 1pc each



Cataloge Hakko 2019

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