HV HIPOT GDJB-6000M Smart Substation Relay Protection Test System

  • Manufacturer: HV HIPOT
    Model: GDJB-6000M
    Origin: China
    Guarantee: 12 month
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- AC voltage source output

Range: 6×120 V, 120V/60VA per way

Accuracy: ±10mV at 0.2~2V; ±0.2% at 2V~120V

Resolution: 1mV

- AC current source output

Range: 6×30A, 30A/150VA per way

Accuracy: ±10mA for 0~500mA; ±0.2% for 500mA~30A

Resolution: 1mA

- Output phase

Range: 0~360°

Accuracy: ±0.1°

Resolution: 0.1°

- Output frequency

Range: 0~1000Hz


<±0.001Hz (0~65Hz)


<±0.02Hz (450~1000Hz)

Resolution: 0.001 Hz

- DC voltage source output

Range: 6 way, each way 0~130V/60VA

Accuracy: 0.2%

- DC current source output

Range: 6 way, each way 0~20A/100VA

Accuracy: 0.2%

- IEC 61850 communication interface

Number of ports: 6 pairs are 100M adaptive; 2 pairs are 100/1000M adaptive

Interface Type: LC

Wavelength: 1310nm

- IEC 60044 communication interface

Number of ports: 6 transmit ports, 2 receive ports

Interface type: ST

Wavelength: 850nm

- Synchronization interface

Quantity: 1 GPS/BD ANT; 2 IRIG-B/PPS optical signals: 1 for timing, 1 for time giving; IRIG-B/PPS 2 pairs of electrical signals: 1 pair of timing, 1 pair of time giving; IEEE 1588 1 pair

Interface type: GPS/BD ANT, IRIG-B/PPS optical signal; IRIG-B/PPS electrical signal; IEEE 1588

- Time measurement

Range: 10ms~9999.999s

Accuracy: 1ms

- Switch input

Quantity: 8 pairs

Interrupting Capacity: DC250V/0.5A

- Switch output

Quantity: 6 pairs, of which 2 pairs are for fast opening

- Wireless connection

- Interface Type: WIFI

Wired connection (Ethernet communication interface)

Number of ports: 2

Interface type: 100 megabytes LAN port, RJ45

- Power supply

Supply voltage: AC/DC 220V, allowable deviation: -20%~15%

Supply frequency: 47~65 Hz

- Analog small signal input

Number of channels: 12 way;

Interface Type: Aviation Plug, AC Voltage

- Analog small signal output

Number of channels: 12 way;

Interface Type: Aviation Plug, AC Voltage

- USB interface

Quantity: 2

- Working environment conditions

Working temperature: -20°C~70°C

Humidity: ≤95%, no condensation

- Others

Weight: 15 kg

Size: 360×480×190(mm)

Online interface: RJ45

Display: 10.4 inch 1024*768 true color LCD display with touch function



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