TOB TOB-FT IR-650 Spectrometer (4000-400cm-1/7800-375cm-1 Ft-Ir)

Voltage supply: AC 110V/220V  50HZ/60HZ±10%

Power: 300W

Spectral range: 4000-400cm-1/7800-375cm-1

Resolution: 1.5cm-1/1cm-1

The detector: High sensitive DLATGS detector

Scanning speed: Choose the corresponding microcomputer control speed

Light source: Long life and high strength of air cooled infrared light source

Signal to noise ratio: 15000:1/30000:1

Interface mode: USB2.0

Working system: Win 98, Win xp, Win 7, Vista

Dimension(L*W*H): 450*350*210mm

Net weight: About 20kg



Instrument characteristics

1. High stability of optical system, 

2. High-performance electronic systems, 

3. Super light weight design, 

4. Humanization humidity protection design

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